Entertainment News: Samuel L Jackson in most brutal interview ever (Must Watch)

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Entertainment anchor Sam Rubin was completely reamed this morning by Samuel L. Jackson on KTLA. The interview was supposed to be about Jackson’s new film “RoboCop”, but quickly transpired into one of the most brutal interviews ever! It all started when Anchorman Sam Ruben asked Jackson about Jackson’s recent Super Bowl commercial — but the problem is, Jackson was not in a Super Bowl commercial this year, and was mistaken for Laurence Fishburne! Things quickly turned ugly as Jackson exclaims, ” we all don’t look alike… but I’m the other black guy on tv.” Ruben quickly attempts to apologize, but to no prevail. Jackson continues to verbally destroy Ruben for his lack of competence making this one of the most epic reporter fails ever! Check it out.

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2 Comments to “Entertainment News: Samuel L Jackson in most brutal interview ever (Must Watch)”

  1. Glamoure says:

    That was pretty bad!! :-( Eeep….

  2. BlackDragon says:

    Indeed. Serves him right though. As a professional news anchor part of the job responsibility is knowing who you are interviewing.

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